Long time, No post

Hello long lost friends!

Life has swept me up and carried me away the past few months.  Family events, school, and now work have all combined to keep me away from blogging.  However, you will be happy to know that I’ve stayed Paleo in the midst of everything!

It has been over four months since I began the Paleo diet to find a way to manage my Fibromyalgia.  The first couple of months were a real struggle.  I threatened to pull my hair out, and my family was not too happy with me or the diet.  However, by month three things started to click.  I stay within the 80-95% range of the Whole 30 plan.  Restaurant food is the biggest reason that I break any rules.  I’m still learning about all the crazy stuff they put in food at restaurants. I went to Chuy’s (Mexican restaurant) the other day and learned that they put gluten in the spice packet they use on their fajita meat. What on earth???

Anyways, so far there are several awesome results of sticking to this diet:

  • I can eat any paleo-approved vegetable out there with almost zero side effects.  Occasionally, too much cabbage will upset my stomach, or other things like that. However, it’s nothing compared to what I experienced before.  The rest of my family is also doing better with vegetables.
  • I rarely crave the unhealthy junk food I used to eat, and I really enjoy the various flavors of real, whole food.  My taste buds have adapted nicely to this way of life.  I feel so much more satisfied at the end of a meal, and I don’t feel the need to eat all day like I used to. I’ve also noticed an increase in my energy levels.
  • I’ve lost about 12 pounds and I’m still losing! I didn’t set out to lose weight and I’ve been more sedentary than I’ve ever been in my entire life in these past few months, yet the weight just keeps coming off.  The rest of my family is losing weight as well. We all needed to.  This is such a relief, because I don’t have the ability to exercise right now.  Before going paleo, I was gaining weight rapidly and had no idea what to do about it.

All of these reasons have convinced me to stay paleo as a way of life, at least for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, though, there has been no improvement in my pain levels.  The diet has made no difference in this area.  The next step, perhaps at the end of the summer, is to look at autoimmune versions of paleo, or other diets designed specifically for people with chronic pain.

I feel that going paleo was completely worth it, and there may yet be some improvement.  We will see, I suppose.



Anyone else tired of doctors?

Is it just me, or are most doctors a waste of time?  They’re great for everyday stuff, but when I hand them my patient history (10 years of Fibromyalgia), it’s not long before they give up.

I’m tired of doctors giving up on me.

Fibromyalgia is not curable.  There is nothing I can do to make it go away or become white noise in the background of my life.  I’ve had it long enough to accept that.  What I refuse to accept is that I have to quit at life and just spend my time managing this disease.

God made me for more than that.

I managed my Fibro for a long time with the usual stuff: physical therapy, pain meds, trying different treatments, some exercise.  Two years ago, all of that stopped helping.  This disease isn’t supposed to progress, and yet it has.  I went from 80% functional (compared to an average person my age) to 20% functional over the course of those two years.  No one knows why, and no one has had any solutions.

I’m praying, asking God for wisdom, and the next obvious thing to do is to change the way I eat.  That’s my plan, and with God’s help it will make a difference.

I want my life back. I’m ready to do what it takes to get there.