Green Fajita Chicken

This is probably my favorite paleo thing I’ve made so far!

Here is where I got the recipe. I’m not going to re-type it, because if you scroll down to the bottom, this blogger gives you a really nice print recipe card.  And (for once) I didn’t change the recipe!

A few things I learned:

  • As you can see in pics below, my chicken stayed green on the outside.  I don’t know why, but I kind of enjoyed the unique color. 🙂
  • The marinade doesn’t take up the space of a whole blender. Using a mini food chopper would be fine, and require less washing.
  • Next time, I will cut the chicken into strips while it’s still frozen.  Much less work!
  • I had no idea what 4/10 burner heat was, so I got the pan hot, then went to medium high heat. That worked well.
  • I want to cook 4 pounds instead of 2 pounds next time.  The meat freezes well, and has a ton of uses! I tore my meat up and put it in a salad with some lemon juice squeezed over it. That was great.  Another family member wrapped a piece in butter lettuce and ate it as a wrap.  I also grabbed a piece and ate it for breakfast, alongside some fruit and nuts.
  • If you try it, please comment below on some more ways that you made this meat into a meal.  I would love to hear what you’ve tried!
Chicken in bag of marinade

Chicken in bag of marinade




4 thoughts on “Green Fajita Chicken

  1. I have a really weird stovetop – the heat is measured in random increments from 1 through to 10. I should clarify that somewhere. But anyway.. it’s about a low-medium on my crazy stovetop. Glad yours worked out ok! 🙂

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