Paleo Anonymous… Breakfast Failure

Hi, my name is Cave Girl.

Hi Cave Girl.

It has been 0 days since I last ate grains.

Shocks and gasps all over the room.

Yes, I had toast for breakfast.

Breakfast is a really hard meal! I’m used to eating cereal, toast, or oatmeal with some fruit for breakfast.  I’ve discovered I can’t tolerate eggs very well.  Who doesn’t love bacon?  However, you can’t have that every morning.  Some people like the author of the Well Fed Cookbook recommend that you give up the idea of breakfast and just treat as a regular meal. No special foods, just another dinner or lunch.  Have chicken and veggies for breakfast. You get the idea.  Is it merely psychological, or is my stomach protesting because it’s not made to eat a heavy meal in the morning?

I and a friend attempted this recipe for Sweet Potato Hash for breakfast, with some substitutions required by the limited supplies in our pantry. (I’ve also put this in the recipe section.) Here’s a picture of what it looked like when we were done:


We tried to pretend for awhile that we liked it.  But… we never ate the leftovers. Try this at your own peril!


5 thoughts on “Paleo Anonymous… Breakfast Failure

  1. It can be really hard to give you traditional breakfast foods! Even though I never eat it anymore, toast (with butter and peanut butter, or butter and cheese… OMG) is still my favorite thing to eat ANYTIME.

    But these days, I eat weird stuff for breakfast: grilled chicken, chopped chicken livers, chili. BUT… it’s been a slow transition. Keep trying — you’ll find something you like!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Melissa! I’m not giving up, I promise. How did you convince your stomach to be okay with those kinds of things in the morning? I even look at a piece of grilled chicken first thing in the morning and my stomach starts feeling queasy.

      • I think I’ve always preferred savory food in the morning, so I started at an advantage. You might try a transition type of thing… like eggs scrambled with a little ground beef. Try that out, then if it seems OK, try it the next time with some spinach or broccoli added… then try it next time with one less egg and a little more beef… then try it again with just beef and veg. Or keep the eggs, if you like them! The other trick is to find 3-4 breakfasts you like and rotate them. I eat almost the same thing for breakfast every day. Do you have the original Well Fed? The Spinach Muffins are really great for breakfast, as are the Scotch Eggs.

        You might also try eating breakfast in “shifts”… say, an egg or two scrambled with some diced, cooked sweet potato, then half an hour later, a piece of fruit and a piece of leftover chicken. My other trick is to eat cooked chicken breast cold, instead of hot. It seems more appealing to me in the morning.

        Hope this helps!

      • I really appreciate this advice! This is great… I will have to try these ideas. I do have a copy of your first book, and the spinach muffins sound like something I need to try this week. I also like the idea of finding 3-4 breakfasts and sticking with those. That seems a lot less overwhelming!
        Thank you for commenting on my humble blog. 🙂 I’m new to the world of blogging, and talking to a famous author is pretty exciting. You pretty much made my week! Not to mention the help with my breakfast dilemma…

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