Hunting and Gathering

At some point, you have to stop researching and start eating.  Well, I’ve reached that point.  I know enough to begin experimenting. But first? A trip to the grocery store. Let the games begin!

The modern hunter-gatherer, such as myself, does not go out to the woods of course.  Instead, I go to the urban jungle and enter the chaos of Trader Joe’s. On a Sunday. *Shudder.* What was I thinking??

Previously, my awesome friend who is already on the paleo diet had taken me one calm weekday evening to a Trader Joe’s near her and introduced me to some of the basic necessities of the diet, including almond meal, cashew flour, coconut oil, 100% pure almond butter (great substitute for peanut butter), ghee, and other great items that are hard to find at your average grocery store.  If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, you should check it out! My friend says they are often cheaper than your bigger health food stores. You can’t get everything there, but you can get almost everything.  You have to be careful.  I bought several packages of dried fruit with the TJ brand name, thinking they would be safe. However, when I got home I realized the second ingredient list in all of them was sugar!  Trader Joe’s is not Paleo Joe’s.  Something I will keep in mind from now on.

Items from Trader Joe's

Here are some resources that I am referencing when I make my paleo gathering list:

The crazy strict lists.  (Think of them like the pirate code in Pirates of the Caribbean.  “They’re more like guidelines.”)

  • Unique Whole30 lists designed for specific issues: Autoimmune, IBS, and Low Histamine
  •  The basic Whole30 list.
  • The Well Fed Cookbook author’s list.  She gives great advice on guessing how much meat you will need per person, etc.

3 thoughts on “Hunting and Gathering

  1. The Well Fed cookbooks are my new kitchen bibles! During my first whole30 I used them almost exclusively. Now I reference them all the time! We just started our third whole30 (I prefer it to the paleo guidelines because I’m not big on paleo breads and desserts) and I still use many of her recipes…I just play around with them more now. Plus…I find myself playing “do you know how you could do that” with every non-paleo recipe I find LOL!

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