Here’s the Plan, Stan!

Or Dan, or Melissa, or whatever your name is…

I am breaking all of the rules!  Everything I’ve read about paleo recommends you immediately clear out your pantry and your fridge, and go shopping for all paleo-approved ingredients.

Just like that. Overnight.

Well, that’s great.  However, I’m neither rich enough to just throw away food that I’ve paid for, nor am I wasteful enough.  Plus, every one talks about the “paleo flu.”  This is the withdrawal phase that most people experience for a week up to several weeks after drastically changing their diet.  (Whole30 even outlines all 30 days of withdrawal here! Yikes!) Going cold turkey isn’t bad, but it isn’t for me.  I’m sorry, but my Fibro causes my body to hurt like I have the flu all the time anyways.  Let’s not add anything to that, ok?  This diet is supposed to help me feel better, not worse.

So, I’m gradually switching over to a paleo diet. Every day for the last week, I’ve tried to make at least one meal paleo, maybe two.  I’ve also changed my snacking. No more crackers or candy.  Now, it’s blueberries, oranges, olives, dates, and other healthy items.  I even ate a salad two days in a row! I hate salad!

Someone in my family was unfortunate enough to get the real flu last week, so some of our plans have been curtailed. However, by the end of next week I’m hoping to be 60-70% paleo.  Drinks, snacks, meals, etc.

I haven’t noticed any changes in energy levels yet, but that’s to be expected. Here’s to the plan!  As they say on Meet the Robinsons, “KEEP MOVING FORWARD!”


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