Whole lot of trouble!

I’ve been checking out the Whole30’s eight steps to becoming paleo.  It’s pretty intense!  They don’t allow any sweeteners, even natural ones like honey. No white potatoes, and worst of all- NO PALEO BAKED GOODS! Aahhh!  I understand their reasoning for this rule. They want people to break bad habits of eating sweets and unhealthy junk foods.

I guess I would be willing to give up everything but meat, veggies, and fruit for 30 days. The problem is that I can’t eat most veggies, even cooked.  It’s part of my IBS symptoms. I love veggies, but they really hate me. I may not be able to manage the Whole30 version of the paleo diet. I like having the info as a baseline, though, and keeping as close to that line as I can.


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