Paleo is a Class Society

Is it just me, or does anyone else sense that there are “levels” of paleo? I’m guessing the Whole30 is about as high society as it gets, although at least those lovely folks only expect you to manage that for 30 days. After that, there are some who bake and cook with natural sweeteners and flour made with nuts.  Finally, there are people who *horror* eat white potatoes.

I also read something somewhere about people who only eat raw meat and raw vegetables.  They probably consider themselves at the top of the paleo class structure, and I’m perfectly fine with letting them think that. Aren’t you?  Let’s leave those poor people alone.

I’ve always been a middle class girl, and I am perfectly satisfied with staying there. The goal, at least right now, is to cut out those foods that cause inflammation.  Eventually, I would like to try the Whole30 but it’s going to take awhile before my body can handle that.


7 thoughts on “Paleo is a Class Society

  1. Definitely levels! And some of the people who grace those levels are really snobby…I mean, “hardcore” LOL! I’m mostly Whole30 (for the last four months) with about 20% of the time eating whatever. Officially, I’ve done two Whole30s. Difficult at first, but they got easier. My reasoning for not calling myself “paleo” is that I really don’t like most of the paleo desserts and breads (let’s face it: that’s pretty much the only separating difference between paleo and Whole30). I mean, if I want a dessert, I’ll have a full-on dessert hehe! So I guess I can say that I adhere to mostly Whole30 and occasionally add in some honey.

    • Hi chiodo80,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m impressed that you made it through the Whole30 twice. Congrats! I feel like they should give out trophies for that lol. I’m really interested to hear how you are 80% paleo. That makes a lot of sense.

      • Hahaha yes! They need to hand out trophies! We are actually starting our third Whole30 tomorrow (I just finished prepping a bunch of stuff for lunches and snacks for the first few days). Let’s see…when we aren’t actively doing a Whole30, we basically eat like we are on a Whole30 five days a week, and the other two we eat whatever we want. That being said, most non-paleo food makes me feel like crap now if I eat it too much (the headaches and fatigue are rarely worth the taste lol), So on those two cheat days, we usually don’t go balls-to-the-wall with the junk. I just might have toast with my breakfast, a cheeseburger, or a piece of cake or something…but rarely do I eat all of that in one day. Today, however, we were out most of the day…so we had McDonald’s for breakfast, sushi and gelato for lunch, and a quesadilla for dinner. I now feel like crap, but hey…I didn’t have to cook or do dishes, right? LOL!

        It’s definitely worth doing a Whole30. Psychologically, it will totally change how you relate to food. You’ll probably cheat…but it will only be once (provided it’s more than a week in). If you cheat with, say, a Reese’s peanut butter cup, you’ll feel like you’re having a stroke and won’t do that again. Not that I did that. Yeah. After 10 days of my first one. Oy vey, did that ever suck!

      • Good luck on this next Whole30. I’m impressed at how much difference you can tell. I noticed yesterday, when we had fast food for the first time in several days, that I felt not so great afterwards. I was a lot hungrier than I had been before!
        I know what you mean- some days it’s almost worth it to feel bad just for the convenience of having someone else cook and do dishes! I’ve got to get better with organizing recipes and getting all my ingredients up front so that I’m not floundering around the kitchen 30 minutes before lunch wondering what I’m going to eat!

      • That is definitely the hardest thing to get used to. I find that the best way for me to take the least amount of time possible is to make a basic menu for each week and prep everything that can be easily prepped on Sundays. Come Monday, the only thing left for me to do is assemble and cook (or do some chopping, but whatever). I make my menu, make my grocery list, do the shopping, prep everything that can be prepped, and store it. The other thing that I do is write in if a recipe has to be marinated on the menu–for example, on Wednesday this week I’m making Mediterranean chicken, which needs to be marinated for at least eight hours…so in my Tuesday slot, I have “marinate Med. chicken” after Tuesday’s dinner meal. Many people make fun of me for having become so hyper-organized, but those people also can’t seem to finish the Whole30s they’ve started hehe! I can email you my schedule template to look at if you want (it includes cleaning, menu, general schedule, and a slot for my husband’s schedule). My email is if you want to look at it 🙂 Now I’m off to write up my blog for the dinner I made tonight! It was DELICIOUS! Check my blog in an hour and it should be up hehe!

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